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Lion Leadership
testimonial author
I met Natasha a couple of months ago while I was facilitating my first LeaderShape Institute for the University of Georgia. Incredibly anxious to guide 60 college students through a week of having a healthy disregard for the impossible, I will never forget the moments in which Natasha was able to comfort me. “Teach to the ones who are present,” was just one of her simple, easy to digest forms of encouragement. I rest assured that Lion Leadership will take any vison, dream, or idea to the next level!
Jerrica W.
testimonial author
To know Dr. Ganem is a privilege and an honor, but to have been guided by her has been a blessing. She has managed to insightfully and perceptively hand me the tools to be successful. It truly is a rare thing to find an individual with as much knowledge, strength, compassion, and wisdom. She is more than equipped to carry out the rewarding task of shaping tomorrow's leaders.
Sarah R.
testimonial author
Natasha was able to pull an idea (personal dream) out of me during our first meeting. She encouraged and offered insightful guidance and now I am on my way to making my dream business a reality. She is there to help me while I work to get my business going.
Leigh G.
testimonial author
No, mommy, I'm the lion!
Samuel G.