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Dr. Natasha Ganem

Dr. Natasha Ganem is a business consultant, group trainer, and keynote speaker specializing in leadership development. She is the founder and director of Lion Leadership and writer for the ROAR blog, where readers gain perspective on themselves, their organizations, and how to reach their potential at work.

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Specializing in organizational behavior and the social psychology of leadership, Dr. Ganem has spent a 15 year career studying the science behind group dynamics, identity, emotion, and the social construction of one’s self. She has published work in both academic journals and books on the role of authority and legitimacy in the workplace and on how emotional experiences can lead to aggressive behavior and conflict.


Dr. Ganem’s post-doctoral training and certifications have been in the fields of institutional effectiveness, accreditation, institutional research, assessment, strategic planning, and management development. She has worked for various organizations in higher education, filled multiple key roles in professional associations, and served on committees both in her occupation and in the community where she, her husband, and two children reside.

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    University of Georgia

    Currently Dr. Ganem teaches courses on leadership and organizations as a faculty member in the Department of Sociology at the University of Georgia.

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    Disclaimer: This content represents the opinions of the consultant. It carries no endorsement of the University of Georgia.



I wear many hats. I am an academic, a manager, a faculty member, as well as a friend, a mother, and a wife. More often than not, however, I am a surveyor of students, everyday people, and workplace professionals who struggle to understand their leadership potential and authority. I spend time studying how managers combat workplace crises and life crises without effectively leveraging their unique leadership skills. I believe there is an art to discovering the Lion Leader within us, honing the skills that come with that, and putting these attributes to work for the good of our organizations and communities where we live. I created Lion Leadership specifically to help all growing leaders out there accomplish these tasks.

The vision and future plans for Lion Leadership and the Lion DENS for college students are important to me. 1-on-1 consulting, group training, keynote speaking, and the ROAR blog are only just the beginning of this story. I invite you to join me on this adventure. Overall, WELCOME to the Lion Leadership community. I am glad that you are here.